Rishi Shah

Publisher & CEO

Rishi Shah founded RAVE magazine in 2001 at a time when there was a huge lacuna in the promotion of emerging artistes in India. The goal of RAVE was to showcase Indian musicians – legend and newcomer alike – on the same platform, with insightful engagement with a young, enthusiastic, and underserved audience.

15 years on, Rishi, and RAVE, return in an avatar that is armed with the technology of today – world-class production values, engagement with the growing digital market, an understanding of the changing times... but with the same high standard of excellence and commitment to the music and the musician.

RAVE established itself as the authority on emerging music from India across genres and languages. About its return, Rishi says,"I told my investors that if I am coming back this time, I am going to do it my way. I am actively and personally involved with discovery, development, packaging, marketing, audio & video production, distribution, touring, managing, publishing and collections. We are focused on employing the best available technologies to create the most engaging and immersive musical experiences for our audiences.

“India currently has its first sub-cultural generation in both its ancient and modern history. Never before have we had so many graduates in sound production and engineering, cinematography, UI-UX and graphic design. What makes this an interesting time is that there are jobs and careers in these fields. 15 years ago, there were only venues where you could do these things.”

Having worked over the decade with the biggest artistes such as Whitney Houston, Tony Braxton, Ace of Base, Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, John McLaughlin, Zakir Hussain, Bob Beldon, and Quincy Jones, to name a few, Rishi is now on a mission to find the brightest talents in the country and mould them into superstars of the same league.

And what drives him?
“I truly believe that music can save the world”

"Before RAVE, no media vehicle promoted emerging music in India. Today you cannot have a successful media product or channel without a show on emerging talent. That's what Rishi Shah and RAVE have done"

-Shridhar Subramaniam

President Sony Music India

"If there's any one person that can bring Indian music to a global audience, it is Rishi Shah"

-Seymour Stein

Vice President of Warner Bros. Records and a co-founder of Sire Records

"The fact that Rishi Shah has come back to resurrect RAVE is the single most important factor needed for Indian musicians and the industry to succeed in the digital age."

-Quincy Jones

Record producer and multiple Grammy winner

"Rishi Shah is the CEO of music in India"

-Jarvee Hutcherson

President of the Multicultural Motion Picture Association and American Society of Young Musicians