RAVE appeals to a young, technologically savvy audience that is self-aware and musically aware, is passionate, strongly opinionated and fiercely loyal to the music and the brands that resonate with their identity.

Through music and the lifestyle that defines it, we build well-integrated, engaging campaigns that provide audience with an experience that will let them explore and connect with the brand.

We deal in A&R, talent management, discovery, development, production, photography, packaging, presentation, styling, touring, social media management, publishing, merchandising, physical and digital sales, collections, content generation, curation, television and film production, and digital distribution. To put it simply, we cover the entire spectrum of the music and entertainment business – from discovering a dynamite artiste in a pokey bar to selling T-shirts with their face on it at their sellout concerts.

RAVE’s in-depth coverage of music and its unparalleled access to artistes and the industry makes it the premier destination for audiences and the brands they favour.

Talk to us at advertise@rave.world