RAVE was launched as a first-of-its-kind music magazine as the last word on emerging music from India and the lifestyle that surrounds it.

15 years and 8 iPhones later, nothing has changed!

RAVE (no 2-dot-O for us, thanks!) is back with the same mission (but improved), the same energy (but more), and the same passion and integrity. And we are adding, quite literally. This time, we’re also bringing in talent discovery, development and management, music production, and events, to the table.

Get an exclusive console-side view of the music business with access to the biggest music legends and the hottest young talent from India and abroad.

With an exhaustive and expertly curated coverage across rock, classical, electronic, pop, funk, jazz, indie, folk and hip-hop, RAVE is THE AUTHORITY on the best sounds from India.